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Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey Flash Review

Goodness, I can't believe this review isn't on my website! I've given this bottle much consideration and though it has never floated to the top of any rankings or head to head comparisons I do think it has some exceptional characteristics that I would like to share!

Rather than being simply a ‘finished’ whiskey, Yellow Spot is special in that it contains whiskey that has been matured for a full 12 year period in three oak cask types: American bourbon barrels, Spanish sherry butts, and uniquely, Spanish Malaga casks.
The Malaga cask brings an exotic sweet note to the whiskey making it a truly delightful taste experience. Only extremely limited quantities of Yellow Spot have been bottled making it a whiskey to seek out and savour as a true rarity.

I'm looking forward to exploring this one again. Let's get into it.


Company on Label: Mitchell & Son (Distilled at Midleton Distillery)

Whiskey Type: Irish Whiskey

Mash Bill Percentages: 100% Malted and Unmalted Barley (being a single pot still Irish whiskey)

Proof: 92°

Age: 12 years

Further identification: This reintroduction of a legacy whiskey has been around since 2012 when Mitchell & Sons began to revive the Spot whiskey lineup


Nose: Delicate, floral and fruity up front on the nose. I find white lily, jasmine and a touch of nautical salt. Bergamot and dark cherry skins mingle well. Distinct sweet grape characteristics can be found on the nose post-sip. Everything is delicate here; any impatience is met with mute enjoyment. Grape skins and muddled maraschino cherries can be found on deep inhales. The empty glass smells of toasted oak, bourbon-level caramel, pecans and bread pudding.

Palate: Delectable funky fruit kick things off. Sweet strawberry is touched with white grape and bright bed sheets. A bigger sip and swish reveals soft plum, honey, and creamy hot chocolate loaded with milk. Soft cereals dance in the linger. Middle of the road sweetness feels balanced but certainly not nuanced. Honey seems to be the persistent note throughout. My last sip is short but enjoyable with creamy coffee bean, crema del re gelato and wheat bread producing the largest flavors of the glass.


Rating: 3/5

This could actually do with a little more proof perhaps to crank up the volume on what is definitely an interesting and complex whiskey. If you are one who enjoys a delicate, soft whiskey with great flavors that creep out at a snail's pace this one is definitely for you. Cheers!



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