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Saint Paddy's Day 2022 - Irish Whiskey Head to Head Bracket & Giveaway Announcement

Well, Irish week is coming to an end and today we announce the winners of the giveaway that received a ton of entries both here and on my Instagram. The first winner will have a choice between a bottle of Green Spot Irish whiskey or 4x 2oz samples of 4 bottles of your choosing that I drink this week!

I was joined last night by @amongstthefernsco as usual, and a good friend Brendan Winch also showed up for the grand finale which ended up being a bracket head to head competition of 12 bottles! This means everything in the bracket is open for samples for the winner...

We did blind head to heads at every bracket meeting point... Brittany knew what we were drinking but Brendan and I were only given two glasses and a choice on who moves on to the next round. You'll see some big surprises and some unfortunate first round matchups below.

I was quite surprised to see Redbreast 12 year not do as well as it did last year. Also can you believe Red Spot was out in the first round for me? It was my winner of last years bracket (we didn't document, nor did we blind), but it's unsurprising that the bottle that could knock out Red Spot ended up being the top pour overall. Honorable mentions from the brackets that Brendan and @amongstthefernsco did...

Brendan ended up in a really close battle between Blue Spot and Red Spot. He ended up leaning for the Blue Spot as the winner and foolishly wrote "go buy Blue Spot" in the footnotes of his bracket sheet like it was going to be sitting on the shelf in the New Hampshire Liquor Outlet tomorrow. He had never really had Irish whiskey before, so it's great to know he's got expensive tastes from the get-go!

Brittany ended up neck and neck between two Redbreast releases: the Lustau and the PX sherry release. She ended up picking her same favorite from last year in the Lustau.

It was a hell of a fun night and a good way to show off that every palate is different!


Last but not least... The giveaway winners!

First place... Benefitting greatly from the bonus entries that being a website subscriber and comment contributor... is Isaac! Congrats @sipnngrilln you will get first dibs on deciding between the bottle of Green Spot and the 4x sample set!

Second place came in on an Instagram comment... This person tagged @johnsliquorfalmouth of all people (love that store!) and came up big with a win on just a few entries... Congrats to @capeterps - looking forward to sharing some Irish whiskey with you!

I'll be in your DMs soon. Cheers folks!

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1 Comment

Brittany Bowman
Brittany Bowman
Mar 25, 2022


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