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Green Spot Irish Whiskey Flash Review

Green Spot seems to be the most accessible of any of the Spot whiskeys. It's the one that most Irish whiskey fans that I've talked to have tried. The once nearly extinct brand has been revived and continues to flourish in enjoyment in the United States today.

Green Spot was originally produced exclusively for the Mitchell family who, commenced trading in 1805 on 10 Grafton St. in the heart of Dublin city as purveyors of fine wines and confectionary. Four generations later, the company is still in the wine and spirits business, under the stewardship of Jonathan Mitchell and his son Robert.
The Mitchell family expanded into whiskey bonding in 1887, whereby they sent empty wine, sherry and port casks via horse and cart to the local Jameson Distillery, which were then filled and returned to the Mitchell’s cellar warehouse. There, the whiskeys matured for many years under bond until they were ready to be bottled and sold.

Let's see how this one is tasting for me.


Company on Label: Mitchell & Son (Distilled at Midleton Distillery)

Whiskey Type: Irish Whiskey

Mash Bill Percentages: 100% Malted and Unmalted Barley (being a single pot still Irish whiskey)

Proof: 80°

Age: NAS (though it's listed as a combination of 7 and 10 year whiskeys on their website)

Further identification: This is the flagship version of Green Spot, not a special finishing series that has subsequently been released


Nose: Fresh, bright, floral and creamy upfront. I find notes of pear, stewed plum and apricot. Pie crust does well. It's oily and thick in the nose. Bright, light oak softly lingers. Hints of soft nuttiness amplify a robust and complex whiskey that sits at an incredibly approachable proof point. One can dive their nose deep in this glass without fear. The sweetness from the creaminess and pear notes are balanced well by a green pepper note that I dig.

Palate: Bright pear transfers well from the nose. Honeysuckle, sweet cream, candied pecans and brown sugar culminate in a soft praline characteristic that is lovely to savor. It's bright and lively and I continue to find a refreshing juicy fruit characteristic all throughout this glass. Caramelized apple notes come across softly. The linger is short but refreshingly so. I find this pour reminds me of the experience of enjoying a juicy apple where there's no real point in continuing to chew past the point of pre-digestion as there's another bite awaiting you ahead. The traditional notes of sugar cookie and the sweet, viscous coffee bean flavor that pot still whiskeys exude bountifully here. Chocolate dances in the short linger. Tiramisu bids me a lovely farewell.


Rating: 4/5

This is a must-have in my home. This is a staple Irish whiskey that does everything you could hope for out of an accessible bottle. While it could use a little more complexity to turn truly exceptional, there is certainly beauty in approachability. This could be enjoyed by many in a variety of different circumstances though it could be overshadowed by bolder flavors in a head to head or whiskey flight. I thoroughly enjoy this pour (clearly by the fill level) and hope that you do too! Cheers.



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