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Born in the early 90s as Nicholas Paul Anderson, 'Amongst' has always been a bit of a nerd. The son of a carpenter and an artist/musician, his life has intersected many passions, from the hands-on to the ephemeral. His early life experience of installing roofing quickly pushed him towards career paths that might utilize the brain more than the body. Being a gifted learner, Nick excelled in his education, which allowed him to explore the things that inspire his passion. Some of those passions he's found in the many magical moments in the great outdoors: hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping, all of which were instilled from his time in Scouting. As a natural introvert, spending time outdoors is his ultimate recharge. He loves folk music, staring into campfires, misty cool weather, and sharing good whiskey with good people. Today, Nick is an impassioned product development manager, bringing complex medical devices to market to help improve the lives of those with diabetes. He's truly one of the weird ones who adores Mondays, never shies away from a challenge, and lives to solve problems. You will often find him wearing a hat, singing (poorly), being goofy, or nerding out over something in a small sidebar conversation. He wholeheartedly believes anything worth doing is worth overdoing and will invest every ounce of his being in perfecting whatever he's set his mind to.

You can read more about Nick in his latest CanvasRebel interview here:


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Nick Anderson

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