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Redbreast Lustau Edition Sherry Finished Irish Whiskey Review

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Are you a fan of sherry finishes? Are you a fan of Irish whiskey? I’ve been drinking Irish for a lot longer than I’ve been drinking anything else. I’m throwing it back to this one tonight. The last time I had this was St Patrick’s Day, where @amongstthefernsco crowned it her Irish Whiskey 2021 Bracket Champion. Let’s see how I feel about it tonight.


Company on Label: Pernod Ricard

Whiskey Type: Sherry Cask Finished Irish Whiskey

Mash Bill Percentages: Undisclosed

Proof: 92°

Age: NAS (9-12 years)

Further identification: This comes in a nice presentation box; purchased today, Friday the 13th of August 2021


Nose: Shortbread cookie! Bright vanilla. Some malty grains that instantly evolve into a rich chocolate & coffee bean. The start of the glass is kind of a cacophony of aromas. Sweet ashy smoke. Caramel and baking spices. Smells like some kind of confectionery creation my grandmother would make me. Pungent walnut parfait. A light leather and oak forms near the bottom of the glass. It floats along the incredible river of creamy vanilla that has been the highlight of this pour. Empty glass highlights some copper metallics I didn't originally find.

Palate: Starts out viscous and oily but with very little sweetness right now which is surprising. The sherry finish on this definitely leans towards allowing the whiskey to work it's magic instead of taking over the profile. Creamy butter spread on a flaky square of cornbread. Syrupy sherry sweetness grows and grows the more you sip on this one. It feels like a solid step above in cask quality than what Bushmills Black Bush is finished in, which pains me to say, but it's true. I'd also wager it spent less time in the secondary cask. Slightly herbal near the bottom of the glass, this pour has always impressed me with its complexity over other Irish offerings. There's a texture and flavor that reminds me of my favorite parts of Nikka Coffey Malt. Last sip has buttery layers like mashed potatoes, rolling into a light oak and finally mellowing into the marshmallow sweetness of the evolved vanilla.


Rating: 4/5



The Lusteau is one of my favorite Irish whiskeys - love it!

- @whiskywhisdom


Drew Fiala
Drew Fiala
Mar 16, 2022

Interesting. This sounds good, but maybe not as good as the Redbreast 12. I do like the Nikka Coffey comparison.

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