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Irish Week - Blue Spot Irish Whiskey!

It's day 2 of Irish Week. All this week I will be running a giveaway on my Instagram where you will have the chance to win a bottle of Green Spot Irish whiskey or 4x 2oz samples of 4 bottles of your choosing that I drink this week! There will be 5 days of nothing but Irish whiskey reviews from me! If you want a boatload of bonus entries make sure to drop a comment on this webpage with your Instagram handle and your favorite Irish whiskey you want to see reviewed! As a special thank you to my website subscribers, each of these comments are worth 10x more than an Instagram tag!

Also feel free to drop a comment on all of my previous Irish reviews below:

On the 17th @amongstthefernsco and I will be tasting through just about everything we have, so stay tuned for a big finale. Now, let's see how this glass is doing tonight!


Company on Label: Mitchell & Son (Distilled at Midleton Distillery)

Whiskey Type: Finished Irish Whiskey

Mash Bill Percentages: 100% Malted and Unmalted Barley (being a single pot still Irish whiskey)

Proof: 117.4°

Age: 7 years

Further identification: This 2021 release is a rare example of cask strength Irish whiskey. It is finished in bourbon barrels, sherry butts and Portuguese madeira casks; it is non-chill filtered stated


Well - I had a significant body of text here before. But my website host managed to lose my post. The cliff notes that I remember were that the Blue Spot was a little messy with a lot of great flavors but they flashed in and out at odd times; it was ultimately not cohesive. These findings were confirmed when I finally got around to re-tasting this here, nearly a year later!


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