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Pinhook Bohemian Bourbon Review

Another sample coming from @bourbon_fiend_and_finder, I'm always excited to try some new stuff. I've been reluctant to pick up a bottle of any of these on my own, so no better time to try something new like this than in a sample swap.


Company on Label: Castle & Key

Whiskey Type: Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: 75% Corn, 15% Rye, 10% Barley

Proof: 95°

Age: 3 years

Further identification: This is the lower proof version of Bohemian Bourbon from 2020; it features an orange label/wax


Nose: Hmm, light oak, and generic bourbon start. A little dry and grainy; like a fresh wine must almost. Light citrus caramel. Herbal, but tainted by young grains on deep inhales. Occasionally a nice pine scent rolls over the top. I can almost smell the hot summer sand walking in a dry pine forest. Interesting cherry note starts to settle in, faint at first, but then carried by a unique raw peppercorn. Some dry paper. Some of the dryness about this might be the high corn content on this too. Some burnt sugar briefly lingered. The nose is definitely more fun & enjoyable than the palate, but whiskey is meant to be drank so I tend to rank on palate. I am really looking forward to trying the High Proof version of this now.

Palate: Thin syrupy swish to start things out produces a cloud of strawberry and the same cherry from the nose. The mouth coating is good in consistency, but not my favorite mix of flavors with the strawberry presenting a little synthetic and the caramel feeling watered down. Very corn forward, the young oak is definitely not allowing this to bloom to its fullest. Touches of clove squeak through on the finish. Maybe a good pour for someone newer to whiskey, but this is a unique offering that is just not for me.


Rating: 2/5



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