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Hunter & Scott Bourbon Review

Company on Label: Reservoir Distillery

Whiskey Type: Wheated Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: 75% Corn, 20% Wheat, 5% Barley

Proof: 90°

Age: 1.5 year

Further identification: Batch 27, Bottle 64.


Nose: Young oak and plum are first on the nose. A wetted down wood sort of smell texture. Raisin funkiness. Slightly metallic; like iron. Rye grain and a unique wheat that I have not experienced. It smells more like it should be going into a bread or bakery dessert than a whiskey.

Palate: Grains again have not worked their way into and through the wood yet. Not what you are hoping for on a sip. Looking past that though I do taste some caramel starting to form on the surface of the dry, young wood. There is the linger of the plum that is actually more enjoyable than the sip itself. Some citrus can be swished out of the depths but it kisses your gums and then darts away. I almost could get a cherry note to kickstart itself in the back of the palate but a lack of proof made it vanish before it could be appreciated. There is a bit of tent canvas and mint that give off a pine forest summer camp vibe to me, which gets brownie points with me.


Rating: 2/5

I like where this bottle could get to, but I have to say it is definitely not ready for bottling at 1.5 years. Maybe there is some older stuff available now?



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