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Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel Bourbon Review

This is a staple Wild Turkey product for me. I tend to reach for another one of these before I go for a Rare Breed. With both Jimmy and Eddie Russell's names on the bottle, I know I'm in good hands. Plus it says it was "selected for the bourbon connoisseur". What could go wrong? Keep in mind this is a single barrel product and your glass/bottle/barrel may vary from mine! Let's taste what I've got below.


Company on Label: Wild Turkey

Whiskey Type: Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: 75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Malted Barley

Proof: 101°

Age: NAS (~8-9 years)

Further identification: Bottled 07/06/20 from barrel no 1516, stored in Warehouse A on Rick no 40


Nose: Rich, ripe, syrupy cherries and peanut brittle to start. Potent molasses has a kind of strength to it that says it's not going away. Vanilla perfume. Light un-cracked peppercorn. Confectionery caramel with a light whipped cream. Paper birch wood and some lofty allspice exhibits some unique barrel interactions. All of the confectionery sugar you could ask for I feel like I'm at a bakery in this glass. Oddly enough an aroma that vaguely reminded me of my old dentist's office, who recently retired. There is a really unique citrus to this I haven't found in anything else. It's a good aroma and gives this a nice complexity past the sweet vanilla explosion it is most of the rest of the time. Woah, suddenly the stone fruit come rushing in to save this pour just when I was about to think it was finished. Slightly tart plum and grape jelly are here now. Nice evolution on this glass. I love how Wild Turkey products can consistently deliver big flavors at such approachable proofs.

Palate: Silky, creamy first sip of all vanilla. It lingers unbelievably long and eventually some of the peanut brittle sneaks in (like 4-5 minutes after my sip). Delicious first sip of the day choice right here! Another sip elicits more of the peanut aromas, but now they are more like actual salted peanuts; a small handful for a quick evening snack. The mouth coating is on the thinner side and larger sips do prove to be quite drying. Now that the stone fruit came back the last sip of this glass is both easy and satisfying with long, drippy cherry juice. At times both simple and complex - I'd recommend this product to someone who either hasn't tried Booker's Bourbon yet and wants to know if the price will be worth it, or someone who likes Booker's and needs a more affordable daily sipper.


Rating: 4/5

I am quite tired today after a long day of home construction work, and this pour was just what I was looking for. I think I'll have another before settling in a little early tonight!


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