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Mellow Corn BiB Straight Corn Whiskey Review

Mellow Fucking Corn... This bottle has somewhat of a cult following. I'm just an impartial observer here to try it tonight!


Company on Label: Heaven Hill

Whiskey Type: Straight Corn Whiskey

Mash Bill Percentages: 80% Corn, 8% Rye, 12% Barley

Proof: 100°

Age: 4 years

Further identification: An absolute classic style bottle with the screw top; this was purchased some time in 2020


Nose: Dusty caramel forward with some dry husk left in a tilled field. Heavy black pepper spice is also present. Slight peanut brittle lurking in the background. On deep inhales a plain white printer paper aroma can be found. Post sip a lot of the oak notes can be found; it smells fairly fresh with little to no char elements coming with it. Touches of hay overlay the oak at times too. Slightly floral at times alongside the perpetual pepper note I've smelled throughout. Some caramelized sugar is a nice respite late in the glass. Very little else going on here, which is kind of nice after a pretty long day today. Empty glass smells slightly malty and nutty.

Palate: First sip is a pepper spice attack on the surface of my tongue. Something between dry peanut shells and vanilla extract spilled on a piece of paper follows the first sip in a fairly long linger. The mouth coating is present mainly in the gums and leaves the back of my throat a bit scratchy. A larger sip and chew reveals a synthetic caramel. Now that the pepper spice has settled down I can appreciate this for what it is: mellow. The corn flavor is thick and sticky, laying heavily around my teeth. Subtle caramel continues to build around the heavy corn base. The last sip is the sweetest of any of them.


Rating: 3/5


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