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Buffalo Trace and Heaven Hill Bar Flash Reviews

A bit of a change of pace for me, I’m ready to present my first bulk review! I will occasionally have tasted a few too many things all at once and not taken the time to do full tasting notes on pours I’ve tasted in passing. Expect lower quality notes in reviews of this style, but wanted to share my quick thoughts! I will not be giving ratings on these given the limited time spent with each.

The bar pictured is @thequietfew_eastie who had some great offerings. @amongstthefernsco and I got to meet the owner who gave us a few recommendations. We ate, then we sipped some good stuff!

I paid for all of these pours, but was sent home with a sample of the bar's Old Forester Single Barrel pick to review at a later date.


Buffalo Trace - Rock Hill Farms 100° Flash Review

Nose: Nice cherry. Maple syrup and brown sugar.

Palate: Beautiful syrupy grape & cherry. Unbelievable candy pop. Vanilla just amplifies the yum factor. Really enjoyable. Medium long finish that leaves nerds candy lingering. A little bit of dry summer canvas. Still a lot of sweetness blasting over the caramel undertone. Cherry comes back so strong for the last finish. Favorite!


Heaven Hill - Old Fitzgerald 15 year 100° Flash Review

Nose: Oaky caramel. A little brown sugar.

Palate: Best citrusy caramel note. Shining bright is a syrupy cherry. What is producing this crazy cinnamon spice? It's not at all what I was expecting out of my first pour of these. It comes and goes. The finish does not! Nice rising nuttiness like some Booker's batches. Like Beaten Biscuits maybe?


Heaven Hill - Old Fitzgerald 13 year 100° Flash Review

Nose: Ooooh marshmallow. Vanilla & quite a bit of smooth char. Rich maple syrup. Best nose of the 3.

Palate: Proofy caramel. Spicy baking spices. Oaky and really stinging on the palate. Cherry/cinnamon hots. Caramel finish lingers super long. Opening up well after first sips. Mellowed out well into a silky charred sipper.


Heaven Hill - Old Fitzgerald 14 year 100° Flash Review

Nose: Way more mellow than 13. More bright metallics here. The caramel is almost greasy. Slight meatiness to it.

Palate: Way smoother than 13. Good chocolate and vanilla crème brûlée. Definitely a good dessert pour. Only slightly shorter finish than 13. Cherry, pepper, and a cinnamon swinging back around the back end. Easy on the palate. Might be best balanced. Great citrus mouth coating. Yum!


Buffalo Trace - Elmer T. Lee 90° One Sip Flash Review

Similar to Buffalo Trace candied apple, but with more earthiness and vegetal notes. Sour mash gives it a good bit of marshmallow sweetness. This was primarily @amongstthefernsco glass to enjoy, which she thoroughly did!


I was really surprised by how much Rock Hill Farms stole the show at the end of this tasting. I did struggle quite a bit trying to nose the Old Fitz offerings out of rocks glasses. I really wish I brought a Glencairn glass with me! Do you have a favorite of this line? Let me know in the comments, or drop me a line through email / Instagram!



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