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Heaven’s Door Highway 61 Blend Flash Review

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Company on Label: Heaven's Door Spirits

Whiskey Type: Blended Straight Whiskey

Mash Bill Percentages: Undisclosed (69% Bourbon, 31% Rye Blend)

Proof: 95.7°

Age: 7 years

Further identification: 69% Batch I05-52 Bourbon, 31% Batch B15-64 Rye. Bottle 010/120. Selected by Burlington Wine & Spirits.


Caramel, pepper and a medicinal cherry are all in the forefront of the nose. Raisin and a port wine. Some spice is present and makes the nose sting a bit. Palate is really surprising explosion of citrus and herbal fruit medley. This has a ton of flavor and creamy mouth feel for 95.7 proof. Really approachable still with all the flavors. I shared and introduced this bottle to 6 others after a strong workout this evening and there were only good responses. Interesting change of pace, but not a pour I would hunt down hard I don’t think. Definitely one to share with people who want a big flavor experience without a high proof smack!


Rating: 3/5



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