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Mayor Pingree 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon - Sample Flash Review

Quick review here! Only having 2 ounces of something I like to not put too much weight on one experience, but thought this one was worth writing a few things for. This sample comes to me courtesy of Ian aka @barrelproofnerd. I'm always grateful to try the crazy pours we swap!


Company on Label: Mayor Pingree

Whiskey Type: Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: Undisclosed (likely an MGP mash bill)

Proof: 114.2°

Age: 10 year

Further identification: This is a single barrel pick from a few years ago from Otis Supply (a restaurant) in Michigan; it comes with a blue label and is labeled as coming from barrel J14


Potent sweets immediately greet me on the glass. I get a sugary rush to the head on a deep inhale. Really big oak comes off the glass; it has a lot of really bright and dusty characteristics that sting the nose slightly. The fruit sweetness on the palate is lovely. I get maraschino cherry, orange peel, dark red grape juice, and a powerhouse of creamy lemon frosting - it was right here when I realized this is a beautiful MGP barrel. Coming back to the nose is a treat. There's the perfect caramel note you hope for in every bourbon alongside a toasted marshmallow, and a touch of salted molasses cookies. My last sip is sweet again with sweet rope candy, plum, and a light, figgy jam. The linger is beautifully long with a tingly sweet mouth coating. I actually feel like I need to brush my teeth after this pour because of how sugary sweet it was. Delicious!


Rating: Thumbs up!

Well, you can't beat shared pours! This one started a little slow but built into an absolute sweets factory. If you enjoy the sweeter side of things this one will not let you down.



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