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Jack Daniel's Triple Mash Blended Straight Whiskey Flash Review

Jack Daniel's surprised us with a few things in 2022 and this Triple Mash release certainly caught a lot of buzz. I'm finally getting around to jumping into a fresh crack of a bottle here myself so this will be more of a first-impressions than a full review.


Company on Label: Jack Daniel

Whiskey Type: Blended Straight Whiskey

Mash Bill Percentages: A blend of rye, bourbon and American malt that works out to about 26.8% corn, 44.4% rye, and 28.8% malted barley

Proof: 100°

Age: At least 4 years

Further identification: This unique blend first released in 2022 as a bottled in bond product



  • Herbal forward then caramel

  • Zesty, bright

  • Punchy lemon peel

  • Dusty oak, pepper - noses more like sawdust after a sip

  • Dark earthiness

  • Hints of mint

  • Corn sweetness towards the back end

  • Empty glass smells of plum and chocolate pudding


  • Chocolate laced rye spice; really unique

  • First sip is slightly off-putting with shiny metallic notes being very present

  • Tangy breadiness with touches of vinegar

  • On subsequent sips molasses opens up a light banana bread characteristic

  • There's a malty beer characteristic in the linger that is interesting

  • After a few sips it feels like everything is enveloped in that malt profile

  • Banana pancakes start to show up late in the linger

  • Cornbread with an oddly overpowering savory sweetness

  • Lemongrass


Rating: 3/5

While this pour definitely impressed me with its level of uniqueness; it unfortunately didn't do it in a way that I personally enjoy. Jack Daniel's 10 year and the special release rye from 2020 really set a high bar for me for Jack Daniel's, and this unfortunately doesn't even come close to either of those releases. I feel like if the rye proportion was even higher it could shine further but it feels like the 100% malted barley proportion is sticking out like a sore thumb on this, at least to my palate. It's not a blend that is jiving for me tonight. I look forward to giving it another go soon and updating if my sentiments change!



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