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Jack Daniel’s Barrel Proof Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey Review

Company on Label: Jack Daniel

Whiskey Type: Tennessee Whiskey

Mash Bill Percentages: 80% Corn, 8% Rye, 12% Barley

Proof: 132.1°

Age: 4 years

Further identification: Stony Brook Wine & Spirits store pick


Nose: Roasted peanut and chocolate. A mellow smoke mixed with raisins. Slight meatiness to it, like a steak tip marinade. Nice marshmallow char jumped clean out of the glass as I let it rest in my lap which was impressive.

Palate: Instant attack of sweet cherry, caramel, pepper and peanut. The mouth coating is slightly drying early on but folds over into molasses decadence. A rising spice keeps the fire under the caramel burning and it singes and sears the creaminess away as it develops into a spicy raisin. Depending on the day these can drink really hot, but today I am staying cool and relaxed thanks to the thick molasses mouth coating. The caramel is strangely intertwined with a figgy nuttiness I can't quite place. Maybe this is the staple note of the barrel proof select offerings? I like it when it isn't singeing my eyebrows off like the first time I opened this bottle! It has mellowed into a very enjoyable range after some air. Chewing on this one produces much of the same notes. I'd be willing to bet this would improve in complexity with the addition of a little water.

Let's try it.

With water: The caramel is more pronounced, sweeter and smoother. Pepper spice subsides, but is replaced with a citrus cinnamon mix which is awkward in theory, but decent in execution.


Rating: 3/5



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