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Jack Daniel's 12 Year Batch 02 Tennessee Whiskey Review & a Brief Exploration of the Nuance of Batch to Batch Variation

Updated: May 19

Jack Daniel's 12 Year Batch 02 - 107 Proof / 53.5% Alcohol by Volume Tennessee Whiskey

"Good things don't happen by coincidence. Every dream carries with it certain risks, especially the risk of failure." -Arnold Schwarzenegger

Just as dawn brings each of us a new opportunity to greet each day, with each batch of well-aged whiskey, master distiller Chris Fletcher carries the powerful possibility—and burden—to attempt to take the Jack Daniel's brand to new heights.

Jack Daniels 12 Year Batch 2 Tennessee Whiskey

While these double-digit age statement whiskeys certainly don't need any help selling themselves these days, I want to take some time to discuss the subtle choices that have catapulted Jack Daniel's back into favor with the whiskey connoisseur. With legendary innovation at the forefront of this latest push, we saw releases like the 2020 special release rye, an exceptionally finished American single malt, barrel picks galore, and a twice barreled rye all garner immense praise. The fact that Chris has chosen to go the route of assigning batch numbers to these yearly releases highlights the fact that he is aware that there will be subtle nuance each time he goes to blend these releases. Although he likely doesn't assign himself the unrealistic expectation of always marching towards better and better final products with each year of experience he tallies with the company, you would have to expect that that's the aspiration, right? We are all capable of reinventing ourselves, building upon past experiences to offer something new to the world, but when you're working with a consistent distillate like what comes off the six giant copper column stills of the Jack Daniel distillery, you've got to trust the nuance of oak maturation and be willing to flex your blending prowess.

Jack Daniel's 12 Year Batch 02 Tennessee Whiskey
Dependable Jack

Dependability... I first began discussing this concept when I wrote my review of this year's Jack Daniel's 10 year batch 03 release. In the evolving whiskey world, we are seeing more demand for nuance and less excitement for consistency. Blending a once-per-year batch gives Fletcher plenty of opportunity to work to satisfy the shifting tides of a whiskey market in tumult. So which way will batch 2 of the 12 year go? In true Amongst the Whiskey fashion, let's dive deep into what's inside!


Company on Label: Jack Daniel Distillery 

Whiskey Type: Tennessee Whiskey

Mash Bill Percentages: 80% corn, 12% malted barley, and 8% rye

Proof: 107°

Age: 12 years

Further identification: Batch 02 is displayed on the front label of this release which was released in February of 2024 at an MSRP of $95


Nose: First impression: all the maple sugar you can fit in your nostrils. It enters there but sticks in the chest in comfortable swirls. Tarragon, vanilla, and black pepper follow like a lightshow just getting started. Shifting to one nostril evokes the aroma of sea salt and vinegar potato chips. In general, the feel in the nose is buttery but not oily—just rather silky and sweet, with the maple tones dominating the most. It summons a deep memory of maple-glazed Hostess Donettes.

Recrudescing into the nose after a few sips offers plum, butterscotch, and cherry skins. Soft breadiness lingers the longest as the remaining whiskey in the glass fades into nothingness. A resurgence of creamy tones leaves me in bliss as white chocolate mousse, Philadelphia cheesecake, and a sweet Oreo cookie fill the mind with ease. Deep inhales offer vintage whiskey tones like butterscotch and a kiss of earthy clay. Late in the glass, I find a cityscape oddity caught on a passing whiff that reminded me of walking past a laundromat on Mission Hill in Boston, the linen tones effusing their aromas in a wave of warmth. The empty glass smells of tiramisu and leather.

Palate: Oh! Cherry leads the way in quite a pleasant surprise. It's a nostalgic cherry coke out at the movies kind of vibe. I probably snuck in during this aroma-induced memory, but that's beside the point. The maple tones from the nose are candied on the tongue. I feel surrounded by my toothsome theater snacks now; Mansfield maple drops, buttered popcorn, and Goetze old-fashioned caramel creams are all at the ready. Dang, this is nice. Another sip offers cool, squishy marshmallow with a chocolate coating that immediately reminds me of a vanilla charleston chew. Letting some air in through a sip of this amplifies banana cream pudding, which is subtle and silky. Slight tannic tones tied to blackberries on the vine follow through on the linger. Sipping near the bottom of the glass builds in delicate spice, like a bit of cinnamon that has been muddled into a luxardo cherry, vermouth, angostura bitters, and grenadine. My last sip is a bittersweet end to a delectable dram. It shows off a sweet cherry shirley temple and a medium finish of crème brûlée and buttery, toasted bread. Yum.

TL;DR: Rich, clear tones that depart from the Jack norm but should still resonate with fans


Rating: 4/5

Putting this next to batch 1 of the 12 year release—which I thought was the lesser of the two releases from 2023 compared to the 10 year—I can see a marked improvement on the nose and palate. This year's offering (batch 2) is much more refined, nuanced, and sweet without being cloying. It's richer, deeper, and ultimately more satisfying. Fans of Jack Daniel's will find a lot to love in this bottle.

Nick Anderson - Whiskey Writer and Owner of
With nearly a decade of sipping experience, Nick Anderson brings a well-calibrated palate to his profound passion for the whiskey industry. Beginning in Irish whiskey before expanding into bourbon, rye, and beyond, he has long been taking the ephemeral observation of unspoken enjoyment and translating it into meaningful reviews. He is the owner and primary long-winded whiskey writer for, and he hopes you find resonance in the patient conveyance of an honest whiskey review.



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