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High West Double Rye Banyuls Finish Barrel Select - Flash Sample Review

This sample comes again courtesy of @bourbon_fiend_and_finder on what apparently is a larger sample swap than I remember! I just keep pulling things out from this guy. Good problems to have I guess. Sticking with rye tonight on this lovely July evening; this will be a shorter 2nd pour review.

Banyuls is a French appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) for a fortified apéritif or dessert wine made from old vines cultivated in terraces on the slopes of the Catalan Pyrenees in the Roussillon county of France, bordering, to the south, the Empordà wine region in Catalonia in Spain.

High West is never afraid to try something new with their store pick program - and neither is Ryan Maloney from Julio's Liquors. Let's dig into this pick and see what it's all about.


Company on Label: High West

Whiskey Type: A Blend of Straight Rye Whiskeys

Mash Bill Percentages: Undisclosed

Proof: 95.8°

Age: 2 year (blended with a corn heavy 16 year)

Further identification: MGP sourced; this limited edition was finished for 8 months in Banyuls barrel #17755 and bottled for The Loch and K(e)y Society


Nose: Syrupy sangria fruit. Earthy greens. Citrus zest. Light oak. Something light like an earthiness I've never experienced; almost feels slightly tropical. Shiny, polished copper. I smell wooden casks that feel like they've been out in the sun too long, or maybe adrift on a boat too long. There is some kind of nautical quality to this I can't quite place. Smoky charcoal now later in the pour after a few sips. A swirl reveals dusty vanilla and allspice. Things settled back into mellow fruit after a few moments.

Palate: Hm, I immediately say with a smirk. That's definitely unique. A high rising citrus that drinks way over it's proof is first and foremost. This is followed by mellow, drying, sweet wine. Finish is short, but at last linger a light buttery texture melts in. Again the rye spice feels like it's adrift somewhere out stranded on a wooden boat off the coast of a dark island - threatened by an approaching storm. This glass just feels kind of moody. The finish on this I think did well to improve the profile of this, but it also detracted something from the rye experience I am missing now that it's not there. The fruit is something closest to a date, but also resembles raisin, or a dark raspberry jam.


Rating: 3/5

What a fun experience with this pour. This really took me on a journey... Definitely one for the adventurous type who likes to try new things, I don't think you'll taste anything like this again!



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