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Community Sample Flight - Head to Head Flash Reviews (Partially Blinded/Un-Gnome)

This will be a partial Un-Gnome whiskey challenge, blinded by @amongstthefernsco as usual! I've received a ton of samples from many amazing people - it takes me a long time to get to these things because of that, but it certainly does not make me appreciate them any less! Thank you to all I have swapped with and to all who give great gifts in tastes of whiskey. I have a sample from each of the following friends of AmongstTheWhiskey: @_lostnemo_, @barrelproofnerd (and @femalewhiskeysociety is guilty by association!), @bourbondipity_, and @whiskeybythefire. Each of these great folks also supplied me with a photo of their bottle, so photo cred where photo cred is due! Let me tell you right off the bat - this flight of glasses smells FANTASTIC from 2 feet away. I can't wait to get into these! I will keep track of which glass is which and my guesses by the color of the @SpiritAnimalSociety glencairn they are resting in. I will be swishing and drinking some water in between sips of each glass.



  • Malty, salty

  • Caramel forward

  • Rich chocolate

  • Lovely vanilla char

  • Corn chips

  • Slightly nutty

  • Honey sweetness

  • Slight sawdust sits right behind a solid, standard bourbon profile

  • Empty glass smells of pecans and a banana split sundae atop a heap of vanilla ice cream


  • High flying, intense vanilla

  • Dried plums, raisins and cherry dance well on the tongue

  • A cool, melting fade-away is an enjoyable lingering experience with this

  • Lovely punchiness with floral orange peel zest and tart guava fruit

  • Starting to turn into a heavy hitter later in the glass

  • Hefty molasses

  • Subtle fruit undertones flash up in bursts

  • Oaky maple syrup / sorghum

  • Baking spice builds near the last sip



  • Sweet, fruity

  • Silky, soft

  • Light vanilla

  • Slightly metallic

  • Oh my lanta the floral fruit on this is intense and delicious!

    • Roasted, honey-drenched pineapple

    • Coconut

    • Plum

  • Beautiful, creamy coffee bean note comes back time and time again

  • Oak that reminds me of a bowling alley; a slight cardboard in there as well

  • There's something 'craft whiskey' about this i can't quite pinpoint; it doesn't feel young, but it has me really curious - it just feels like a re-barrel

  • Empty glass smells like Home Depot


  • Really unique start to this; it's like a coffee bean got ground into a piece of oak

  • Cacao forward and quite malty

  • Obscure flavors are quite hard to pin down, but it's an enjoyable medley

  • Heavy, creamy vanilla

  • Apricot

  • Slight smokiness

  • Mellow and enjoyable, a great sit and sip that doesn't need your undivided attention

  • The coffee bean note transfers well between nose and palate

  • More of the lovely cacao returning; not many nuances to this one tonight

  • Lovely profile, but doesn't stand up to the complexity of two of the other glasses

  • Minty... wait it just finally hit me that this is the rye!



  • Funky, earthy, tomato paste

  • Light spice, a bit rye forward

  • Floral, decadent texture

  • Extra oaky

  • Holy hot chocolate powder in this glass!

  • Marshmallow with subtle stone fruit sweetness

  • Lovely balance to this glass

  • Creamy citrus fruit

  • Amazing evolution

  • Feels really high energy - like this is a pre-gaming pour

  • Empty glass smells like chocolate fondue, sweet tarts, and unicorn tears


  • Light citrus zest

  • Creamy sweet tarts

  • Drinks like pure silk

  • Vanilla bean

  • Cherry hots

  • Lemon frosting turns around into a minerality that keeps reminding me of sweet tarts or smarties; it's a very candied profile

  • Tart dried stone fruit later in the glass

  • Background is heavy in the chocolate realm

  • Unlike anything else I have tasted; I don't normally score things during flights, but this one is a 5

  • Please don't let this sample end - I really hope a bottle of whatever this is is available to me!

  • The delivery is just a whammy every time; it strikes a big strum and it just reverberates intensely forever with irreproducible creamy sweetness

  • Last sip is a vanilla bean ice cream smoothie with honey drizzle, bananas, chocolate sauce, and just a hint of lemon zest

Rating: 5/5



  • Lightest in nose intensity

  • Pungent, sharp vanilla

  • Meaty and herbal spiced like a sausage lasagna

  • Very rye forward

  • Feels on the younger side of things

  • Earthy tones and a slight dried dill

  • Mellow and subtle now that it has opened some

  • Sawdust

  • Very muted in this lineup

  • Empty glass smells like wet pavement in Virginia Beach, vanilla and light grain


  • Sour blood orange

  • Spicy first sip

  • Heavy feeling; thick and syrupy mouth feel

  • Intense spice and some pretty significant ethanol burn

  • Funky, but very little flavor coming through

  • Linger is just tingly spice and a chest hug of ethanol

  • Later on things have mellowed some, fig now presenting itself

  • Heavy oak leaves this quite drying on the tongue

  • Pepper and ginger spice now late in the glass

  • I finished this glass first of any, probably only due to how troublesome it was to taste; I'll have to revisit the last 1oz of this



Blue Fish: Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Batch #41

Red Antlers: Sagamore Rye Cognac Finish

Green Peacock: Belle Meade Black Belle

Black Paw: Four Roses OBSO


Blue Fish: Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Batch #41

Red Antlers: Sagamore Rye Cognac Finish

Green Peacock: Belle Meade Black Belle

Black Paw: Four Roses OBSO

Final Ranking: 1. Belle Meade Black Belle

2. Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend Batch #41

3. Sagamore Rye Cognac Finish

4. Four Roses OBSO


Unbelievable tasting tonight! Very thankful again for all the samples that end up coming my way. These kind of tastings are some of the most rewarding for me. A self-challenge and a way to remove bias are always welcome by me. If you have any questions about the bottles and their information (I know I didn't post it) feel free to reach out! Cheers


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