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Weller Antique 107 Single Barrel Pick

Weller coming back into my glass is always a welcome sight! I actually believe I reviewed this pour on my Instagram quite a while ago, and I wasn't anticipating doing another formal review tonight... But when I first nosed this glass I immediately went into notes mode. It is just too good not to savor, enjoy and attempt to understand! Hopefully this isn't too much foreshadowing on the notes to come. Have you tried a Weller pick, or even this one perhaps? Let me know in the comments. I hope you have something great in your glass tonight!


Company on Label: Buffalo Trace

Whiskey Type: Wheated Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: Undisclosed Buffalo Trace "Wheated Mash Bill"

Proof: 107°

Age: NAS (~6-8 years)

Further identification: ~2020 New Hampshire Liquor Outlet pick


Nose: Sweet candied cherry... So incredibly rich and delicious on the first nose. Slightly meaty notes I've found in other Weller offerings, as well as some dusty oak. Orange peel is distinct, heavy and prominent now. Cloth briefly, then a smooth, silky citrus. I'm now presented with a smell that reminds me of the carpets of the church I went to as a kid. It kind of smells like old people (in a nostalgic, nice way). I can't quite shake that smell now, so I'll go for a sip. Pepper and caramel have blended well in the glass now post sip. Dry vanilla bean wanders in. This nose-feel is a lot like being in a cloud - or traveling very quickly through one much like the experience of skydiving. Light hints of leather, baking spice and molasses later in the glass. Oh, some nice earthy green tones now on deep inhales.

Palate: Oh yeah - the palate matches the start of the nose well here. Cherry bursting forth with a thick, slightly tannic mouth coating. Cinnamon is mellow here, but still dances well across my tongue. The linger is a robust caramel that is pleasant without being overly powerful. The mouth feel to this is very nice but I think this batch may have been chill filtered as it doesn't have that thick, oily, sticking texture that Weller Full Proof has. This actually tastes a lot like Weller 12 tonight, with obvious extra proof behind it. Honey, plums, copper, and white bread now coat my tongue in various hues of extra layers that are nice surprises as this glass drinks on. A good bit of spice develops late in the glass, which is actually welcomed at this point in its evolution and not overbearing. The last sip is incredibly vanilla forward on the tip of my tongue with cherry dominating in the middle majority, dark grape and slightly tannic oak washing over, and finishing with a long linger of orange peel, baking spices and caramel.


Rating: 4/5



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