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Remus Volstead Reserve 14 Year Bottled in Bond Bourbon Review

Photo credit goes to the legendary Frank who mans the fantastic hub of fun over on the @BourbYourEnthusiasm page. For Repeal Day this year, he did a great write up on this bottle, and the George Remus legacy that you should definitely read.

We're on Day 6 of the #12DaysofWhiskeyExchange that @bourbondipity_ put together. This pour was added courtesy of Alex Cottle! At first when I saw there was Remus on the lineup for this weekend, I thought I was going to be re-tasting the Remus Repeal V batch I recently tried which I certainly would have loved... But my excitement went through the roof when I pulled out the sample and it said Remus Volstead Reserve instead! I'm definitely grateful to be trying a one-time release (that's long gone) that I would not have had the chance to try otherwise. What a gorgeous bottle too!

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Volstead Act – we are proud to introduce Remus Volstead Reserve. This ultra-premium bourbon is a one-time release that has been aged for 14 years, in honor of the 14 years of Prohibition. Bottled-in-bond and 100 proof, this limited 2005-aged reserve bourbon has rich aromas of dried candied fruit and caramelized pecans to balance the robust flavors of rich oak and barrel char that intensify the tasting experience.

Let's see how it tastes!


Company on Label: G. Remus Distilling Co.

Whiskey Type: Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Malted Barley

Proof: 100°

Age: 14 years

Further identification: This was a one-time release from late 2019; it is a blend of MGP barrels which produced a 6,000 bottle batch


Nose: Big citrus funk on the first nosing - like lemon butter cookies. Wow, this is like birthday cake and barbecue; a strange mix of sweet and savory sounds odd, but is actually quite enjoyable. Heavy brown sugar, leather and rich molasses. Burnt sugar, vanilla extract, and bright allspice. These aromas culminate in an overall savory nose-feel that gives off the feeling of pork burnt ends and caramelized onions. Woah, giving this glass a swirl immediately softens all those smells that were starting to become quite pungent. Vanilla builds into the lemon butter cookies and gives it a creamy frosting. Letting this sit for some time made a really big prune aroma build up in this glass. Seriously this presents so powerfully, I'm amazed it is this strong in smell at 100 proof. The oak is so rich and musty. Roasted pecans float up at times. Caramel and a faint floral note follow now. Things are calming down in the glass as I go on for sure. After a sip things lean heavily back on the expressive oak and nuttiness, while a slight tobacco starts to trickle in. There's a slight copper metallic and short bread cookie note to this that reminds me a little bit of pot still whiskies. This never seems to lose its strength as the glass gets low on the nose. Intense, rich and robust, this is one of those pours that just carries some decadence with it. It still surprises me from time to time becoming incredibly soft and delectable, producing a really nice experience that I think would hold up well to water. Oh wow, digging really deep on the left nostril I find a slight Pinesol note that I love. Returning to the right nostril produces much heavier aromas of acorn, rich brown earth, and farm barn wood. The empty glass smells of vanilla, confectionary sugar, grassy molasses, and lightly toasted oak.

Palate: Oh, wow. Like the nose, things start off with a solid lemon sweetness that has a bit of black tea as well. Creamy mouth feel with a barrel full of vanilla forward char. Faint nuttiness on the linger as some cashew and sesame seed aromas trail off. A nice blast of cinnamon spice on the second sip with dry plum, cherry and raisin building. Much longer linger on the second sip with honey sweetness and a solid base of oak underlying everything. Slight herbal tones come off at times. Ooh - a faint peach marmalade just flashed up and left a soft lychee linger. Cherry pops up from time to time and then the oak comes over in a wave that crashes new flavors all around in your mouth. The mouth feel is on the thinner side, but the linger builds to the point of feeling like it could last forever. It carries agave nectar, orange peel and hints of chocolate. My last sip is touched with zesty lemon peel, rich toffee and whipped cream.


Rating: 4/5

What a fantastic pour to experience. While it doesn't quite earn my top mark, this is a bottle I would love for more people to try. I'm really excited to see what my 11 other fellow tasters get out of this tonight! Cheers.


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