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Eagle Rare 10 Year Single Barrel Bourbon Review

Company on Label: Buffalo Trace

Whiskey Type: Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: Buffalo Trace Mash Bill #1 (Low Rye < 10%)

Proof: 90°

Age: 10 years

Further identification: Muckey's Liquors Store Pick


Nose: Synthetic spice & caramel. Dusty, worn out oak. Very faint leather, like smelling a bound book sitting down in your lap. Very light, airy & open space feel to it. Fresh, floral Spring air. Brought back to reality from a dreamlike state by a level sour cherry. Occasionally the nose still drifts off to a farm somewhere with the mash bill grains showing off.

Palate: Silky vanilla and pear. Cherry transfers well and is more sweet here on the palate. Creamy butterscotch opens the door to new tannic dark fruits. I could never get tired of this flavor & mouthfeel, dreaming forever of some impossibly perfect countryside. Finish is low & slow, but a creamy presence asserts itself still. This one could definitely do more in the way of complexity, but for enjoyment value, how can you go wrong? I have yet to explore how this pick differs from the normal profile head to head, but I’d imagine the nuances are small in magnitude. I’m so glad we have access to so many barrel selections in MA.


Rating: 4/5



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