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About Me


Welcome friend, I'm Nick Anderson – a dedicated mechanical engineer by day and an impassioned whiskey taster by night. Step into the world of Amongst the Whiskey, my ever growing dataset crafted to empower modern consumers with the insights needed to navigate today's dynamic whiskey landscape. Just as a good calibration is paramount in engineering, my whiskey journey is backed by an extensive amount of experience in tasting thoughtfully and thoroughly. 

With formal reviews of hundreds of releases and exploratory sips of thousands more, I've forged a streamlined rating system that both mirrors and expects a normal distribution. While I design innovative medical devices for my day job, many can attest that my free time is devoted to immersing myself in the captivating world of whiskey. As an avid outdoorsman from New England, you might find me hiking, fishing or tuning a bow when my nose isn't nestled in a glass.

I hope you enjoy reading my notes as much as I enjoy writing them. A trusted palate goes a long way today and if you spend enough time reading here, you'll find a refreshing level of authenticity in a world plagued by artificially inflated scores.



My Rating Scale

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Also be on the look out for the "Keep Amongst the Whiskey" stamp which I use to highlight some of my favorite releases.

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Pick of the Month


Rare Character has been absolutely exploding on the whiskey scene. Picks are flying to all of the best clubs, stores and folks all over the country. Joel, the man behind the handle "Life of Luxe", locked down a really cool barrel from the Exceptional Series from Rare Character. This Kentucky Straight Bourbon really took me down memory lane.

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