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Jes Smyth is a Chicago-area native with a proclivity for the written word and … giggles. From a young age, Smyth has been an avid reader, writer, and dreamer. She’s quiet but goofy, or so she’s been told, with a quick wit and low-key sarcasm. She’s also a small artist appreciator, an accidental poet, and a lover of fuzzy socks.

When she’s not wandering the great outdoors, Jes Smyth can be found at her computer, weaving intricate fictional worlds. She is the proud owner of Wellium Publishing, LLC, and the author of two published novels, Time for Once and Dream for a Second. Her writing focuses on love, relationships, and the messy aspects of life, which she affectionately refers to as emotional fiction. 

Smyth firmly believes that the nuances in daily life, like the interaction between oak and whiskey, can be an endless source of inspiration. She is thrilled to be a contributing writer for amonstthewhiskey and hopes her words will resonate with those ready to explore the beautiful world of whiskey.

Jes Smyth

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