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Booker's 2019-04 Beaten Biscuits Bourbon Review

Another one of the more highly regarded Booker's batches of recent, tonight we reached for Beaten Biscuits. I fought for a long time with where I'd land on a pour for tonight and eventually Booker's was the only thing I suggested to myself and didn't immediately find a reason to change my mind. So here we are - let's get this tasted!


Company on Label: James B. Beam

Whiskey Type: Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: 75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Barley

Proof: 126.1°

Age: 6 years

Further identification: 2019-04 Beaten Biscuits comes bearing a light pink rose label in a wooden box with a batch information card


Nose: First smell is a lemon forward oak note. Slightly astringent vanilla and allspice. Dark cacao powder and coriander. Really heavy, dry paper note I usually attribute to Heaven Hill, but this glass deceives me. The oak has something to it that makes it feel slightly muted; almost like it's been painted over on one side. Maybe that's a unique artifact about this batch's char. Warm, steamed linen - like a sheet that has spent a good amount of time under an iron. Now a thick plum note settled in post-sip. It is layered in, much like the palate, with a mix of dried nuts. Some lightly buttered scone aromas dance up from deeper pulls. More baking spice coming along later. Light pepper, a stainless steel that reminds me of a soup ladle for some reason... Maybe an interaction with some soup spices hitting my nose alongside it. More paper and linen follow along and round out the nose. Lemon and butter return. A very circular experience. The empty glass highlights a zesty citrus that definitely can explain some of the heat to this one.

Palate: Wow, punchy stone fruit I did not at all find on the nose. Very proofy start, but the cherry note is so syrupy and feels encrusted in some light nuttiness. Walnut and hazelnut are the two that jump out at me. Mouth coating is thick but slightly drying, this is very much an all-at-once wave of intense flavors on each sip. It passes slowly though from front to back and gives a looong and large chest hug. Definitely a barrel proof lover's dream here. The linger is powerfully sweet but doesn't evolve much from the plum and cherry flavors. The fruit is intensely sweet. It almost reminds me of some kind of over-sugared slushy flavor you'd find in a 7-eleven in the 90s (in that way that you remember it better than it really was). Amazing mouth feel to this. It's the same intense wave of sweet, dark, red fruit every time, but unfortunately doesn't seem to evolve into anything else. Definitely drinks a little hot (at least for me tonight). My final sip both introduces and bids farewell to a hint of milk chocolate alongside the cherry.


Rating: 4/5


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