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  • Booker's 2022-02 "The Lumberyard Batch" Bourbon Review

    It's no surprise I've got another Booker's batch ready for review... The Booker's website describes the makeup of the blend well: 2% came from the 4th floor of 7-story warehouse of 7-story warehouse 1 28% came from the 6th floor of 7-story warehouse Z Now let's get into another Booker's It is distinctly sweeter than I would expect out of a Booker's batch with a hint of that first bite of

  • Booker's 2022-01 "Ronnie's Batch" Bourbon Review

    I've had plenty of Booker's batches by now... I used this opportunity to crosscheck with the website to see which new Booker's batch I hadn't reviewed Another fantastic Booker's batch I am stoked to have on my shelf.

  • Booker's 2022-03 "Kentucky Tea Batch" Bourbon Review

    It's time for a fresh Booker's batch review! As you can imagine, Dad loved the flavor of bourbon, especially his Booker’s Bourbon. Since Booker’s is over 100 proof, the flavor still pulls through when added to water. Overall, this is a stark departure from what I know and love about Booker's bourbon. Tonight was better, but I still think this is incredibly off-profile for Booker's.

  • Booker's 2021-04 "Noe Strangers Batch" Bourbon Review

    I've faltered slightly in my mission to review every Booker's batch!

  • Booker's 2021-03 Bardstown Batch Bourbon Review

    I'm always excited for a new Booker's batch! Rating: 4/5 Another solid Booker's batch with this one!

  • Booker’s 2020-01 Granny’s Batch Bourbon Review

    As I mentioned in my previous post, Granny's Batch was the batch that really got me hooked on Booker's getting any of the Beam peanut shell that Granny's Batch is notorious for and why I fell in love with Booker's

  • Booker's 2019-04 Beaten Biscuits Bourbon Review

    Another one of the more highly regarded Booker's batches of recent, tonight we reached for Beaten Biscuits I fought for a long time with where I'd land on a pour for tonight and eventually Booker's was the only

  • Booker’s 2019-03 Country Ham Bourbon Review

    When I look at a new Booker's batch, I usually use this one as my reference point to determine if a new This to me is the wonderful presentation of all the flavors I think Booker's can be and does well.

  • Booker’s 2021-02 Tagalong Batch Bourbon Review

    I am a big Booker's fan in general. This might be close to one of my favorite Booker's profiles.

  • Booker’s 2021-01 Donohoe’s Batch Bourbon Review

    I am a big Booker's fan in general. Much lighter than previous Booker's batches I've experienced. Bright linen. Light, fruity herbs. Otherwise a rather low complexity Booker's batch, I still find it quite enjoyable.

  • Booker's 2016-05 "Off Your Rocker" Bourbon Review

    I have always loved Booker's from the start, so I have high hopes this is one of my new favorite batches Oooh, turning really nutty now, which I love in Booker's releases. so much in everything, but there's something about that peanut funk that is really endearing to the Booker's

  • Booker's "Granny's Tagalong Blend" - An ATW Bourbon Blend Review

    Granny's Tagalong Blend is a 50/50 mix of 2020-01 and 2021-02 batches from Booker's.

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