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Whiskey Flight: Maker's Mark SiB, Old Forester 1920, Rebel SiB, and Cream of Kentucky 12.3 Reviews

I love doing whiskey flights. They are like palate calibration for me. Another layer of fun is removing any label hype by serving them up mixed up & blinded by the lovely Brittany. The whole table smells delicious already, I think I'm in for a treat tonight. Think I'll guess these all right? Let's see...

Do you do flights? They are great learning tools if you can get them set up right. Give it a try next time you want a few pours!


Maker's Mark Private Selection Stave Finished Bourbon

Company on Label: Maker's Mark

Whiskey Type: Wheated Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: 70% Corn, 16% Wheat, and 14% Malted Barley

Proof: 111.2°

Age: NAS (6 years)

Further identification: This June 2021 pick is from Gordon's (@TheWhiskyGuys)

Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style

Company on Label: Old Forester

Whiskey Type: Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: 70% Corn, 18% Rye, and 10% Malted Barley

Proof: 115°

Age: NAS (~4 years)

Further identification: This is the old label style that was likely purchased in early 2021 or perhaps 2020

Rebel Distiller's Collection Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon

Company on Label: Lux Row

Whiskey Type: Wheated Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: 68% Corn, 20% Wheat, and 12% Malted Barley

Proof: 113°

Age: 6 years

Further identification: This single barrel pick was selected for Julios (The Loch & K(e)y Society) from barrel 6819646 which was barreled 9/26/2014

Cream of Kentucky 12.3 Year Bourbon

Company on Label: J. W. Rutledge

Whiskey Type: Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: Undisclosed

Proof: 102°

Age: 12.3 years

Further identification: This is labeled as Batch #3 and was purchased sometime in 2020 and I should probably be through it by now but alas



  • Sweet orange peel

  • Funky, funky, funky... Quite musty

  • Smells like you mixed all the sodas at the soda fountain

  • Vinegar

  • Finally mellowed really late, but this might be a corked whiskey unfortunately

  • Sweet tarts; chalky & sugary


  • My body is telling me not to drink this, but I will, for science

  • Not as bad as I was expecting, but still not good

  • Burnt rubber

  • I tried... this one is spoiled



  • Sweet chocolate

  • Bright vanilla

  • Sharp cherry

  • Nerdz candy

  • Toffee

  • Slightly floral

  • Cinnamon back end


  • Chocolate is heavy on this, it carries a dry, textured mouth feel

  • Crème brûlée

  • Salted caramel

  • Molasses

  • Savory chocolate dessert feel

  • Smoky barbecue with a deep spice on the back end



  • Lemon zest

  • Cinnamon spiced cereal

  • Surprising contrast to the previous two glasses

  • Very woody, sharp

  • Spice forward

  • Crayons


  • Good cinnamon spice

  • Level oak, fun nuances

  • Smarties candy

  • Tingling sweet linger; rather nondescript

  • Zesty now with lemon hard candy notes

  • Light and bright mostly

  • Hints of cherry and vanilla



  • Malty chocolate

  • Lemon frosting

  • Delicious butterscotch

  • Vaguely savory and slightly metallic

  • Slight grain showed up after a sip, but it was a microscopic flash, not a prominent note

  • Marshmallow

  • Definitely my favorite nose due to the creamy marshmallow note

  • Molasses


  • Soft vanilla and cherry forward

  • Vanilla leans into marshmallow

  • Sweet, silky coffee bean

  • Chocolate pudding, yum! Reminds me of those little snack pack pudding cups

  • Softer molasses than the nose

  • Orange peel zest


Final Ranking: Antlers > Fish > Peacock > Paw


Paw ~= Rebel

Fish ~= Makers

Peacock ~= Cream of Kentucky

Antlers ~= Old Forester



Paw = Cream of Kentucky

Fish = Old Forester

Peacock = Rebel

Antlers = Maker's

Accuracy: 0%

Humility: 100%

Fun: 110%

Clarified Final Ranking: Maker's > Old Forester > Rebel > Cream of Kentucky (DNF)

Another friendly reminder to finish your low bottles! I really hope that the CoK 12.3 year is just oxidized and the whole batch isn't spoiled. Let me know if you've had a problem with this bottle too in the comments. I think it's just my bottle, as I originally reviewed this without the same funk. For now, please don't read into that ranking too much. You win some, you lose some... Coming from the same guy that identified a brand, proof and the fact it was a store pick correctly blind once, there has never been a more clear writing on the wall for needing a bit of a break than this I think. The rest of the week might be wine only for me if I'm lucky! One thing is for certain: that Maker's pick from Gordon's rocks.

See you soon folks. We have some really exciting stuff coming from the @SpiritAnimalSociety soon! Stay tuned.


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