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Mayor Pingree 5 Year Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey - Barrel TR-10 Review

The ever lovely @_lostnemo_ has sent me another amazing @mayorpingreewhiskey release from @valentinedistillingco for review. This go around it's an infinity barrel contribution! So after this review (so long as it goes well) the rest of this bottle will be added to the infinity barrel, I'll pull a sample for her & Abby's will go on the contributor list! If you don't know 'Nemo' - go give her a follow and a shout... right now! Then come back and read the rest of this review...

Despite the bottle being a lovely gift, I will try to review the whiskey without bias, which usually includes removing the bottle from my view as I sip neat from a glencairn. Let's see what this Michigan release is all about!


Mayor Pingree 5 Year Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey

Company on Label: Valentine Distilling

Whiskey Type: Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Mash Bill Percentages: Undisclosed Valentine Mash Bill

Proof: 117.8°

Age: 5 years

Further identification: This single barrel is produced, bottled and aged by Valentine Distilling; the whiskey comes from barrel TR-10


Nose: Immediately I am overrun with thick maple syrup and molasses; I can tell this one is going to be a rich profile. I find thick Werther's caramel, rich oak, barbecue spices, and vintage marmalade. What an amazing cacophony of potent & delicious aromas! This one smells 'big' and delivers notes that swing well above this age and proof range. There's a thick and leathery nose feel that certainly tingles a bit on the way through. I find some dark plum, dates and fig once the proofy spice subsides slightly. Wow - on deep inhales I find rich earthy tones that come up alongside the light fruitiness and rich, dusty caramel backbone. Toffee tries to show itself upfront but is quickly overwhelmed by that dark treacle aroma that is so pervasive in this glass. I'm loving it so far, but it's time for a sip.

Coming back I find a floral note that reminds me of petunias. The oak aromas have turned over a new leaf and are much more moist and earthy now. The floral tones mix well with a honey sweetness that exudes some elegance. The really thick maple and caramel notes are really where this whiskey shines on the nose. That medley keeps me savoring this glass which otherwise is very crushable on the palate. Wow... Letting is sit just keeps replenishing the magic. This is a great glass to sit with and slowly enjoy. Later in the glass I find savory, scrumptious cornbread. Near the bottom of the glass there's just an inkling of a cedar note that produces a faint citrus and herbaceous aroma... I like that. The empty glass smells of honeysuckle, light bread and plum skins.

Palate: Upon first sip I find a big cherry hots bouquet which immediately gets followed by a huge wave of maple and oak. Wow. There's some big tea notes that hang around attached to the thick, maple-syrup-viscosity mouth feel. Another sip touts vanilla upfront as it touches my lips, followed by a marvelously creamy caramel, angostura bitters, faint sawdust, and a flash of cinnamon spice. I'm amazed at just how rich the flavors are on this. This would be up near my very top favorites if the spice factor was a little more toned down, but I know a ton of people are going to love this in-your-face flavor factory for sure! Oh yum! After a bit the cherry note has built up and there's now a layer of effervescence I'm really digging. This one is so interestingly tart, fruity, dark and brooding all at once. There's many facets that go into this profile, but the output is certainly an overall delicious whiskey. My last sip is an ever-expanding wave of crème brûlée, lemon caramel sauce and maple syrup bread. The linger is a touch shorter than what I would consider medium, but it leaves a lasting impression of delectable desserts.


Rating: 4/5

I certainly will be keeping this one 'Amongst the Whiskey' as it will be living on possibly forever in my infinity barrel blend! Thank you again Abby & cheers to the Valentine Distilling team for another amazing release.



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