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Weller Full Proof - Burlington Wine & Spirits Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon Review

Well, well, Weller Full Proof is back on the menu tonight for the 2nd day of the #12DaysofWhiskeyExchange that @bourbondipity_ coordinated. This pick was put forth by Mike Wick. Excited to see if there are any fun nuances between the two picks while I still have the other fresh on my mind!


Company on Label: Buffalo Trace

Whiskey Type: Wheated Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: Undisclosed Buffalo Trace "Wheated Mash Bill"

Proof: 114°

Age: NAS

Further identification: 2021 release from Burlington Wine & Spirits in MA


Nose: Heavy caramel; thick, syrupy and rich nose-feel. Sweet candied cherry and a soft, velvety wheat characteristic. Slight candied apple is hidden well by a caramel crusted shell. Pepper and creamy vanilla. Bright oak is there with a slight citrus characteristic nestled deep. Crème brûlée and a light pie crust. Hints of light leather now on deeper pulls; this nose is lovely. After a sip the caramel turns things up a notch and the baking spices begin to bubble up. Soft vanilla ice cream swings back through and keeps everything sternly in check. Oooh - a smoky barbecue grill-char aroma just flashed up as well. Sweet brown sugar. Wave after wave of more caramel. There seems to be infinite amounts of aroma available in this glass even as it nears empty. The white paper, smokiness and oak return powerfully now as well. The empty glass smells of warm cinnamon, Yankee candle spice, burnt sugar, and a slightly chocolatey oak that reminds me of a Guinness Extra Stout.

Palate: Oh my. The cherry parfait that just came off that first sip was incredibly soft and enjoyable. I am much less affected by the proof on this 'first sip' as my palate isn't fresh tonight. Strawberry milk made with a little extra Hershey's syrup describes the linger well. Creamy, soft and fruity early on. There's a slight white paper characteristic that seems to be attached to the oaky flavors that are building later in the pour. Much later in the pour I'm finally greeted by the cherry hots that I've come to expect out of most Full Proof picks. The evolution of this glass is perfect, with softer notes leading the charge and getting you ready for the bigger flavors to crescendo. This is definitely one that airs on the side of easy-sipping and therefore lacks a little bit of wow factor, but the flavors that are present are really delicious. My last sip is touched with slight molasses, pear skins, creamy caramel and that awesome crème brûlée linger.


Rating: 4/5

Whew, this one really drank well. I'd probably give a slight nod to this pick over last night's if I had to choose. I thankfully have a bottle of this pick myself that I now get to look forward to opening at some point! I'll be saving my other 1oz of this to also try on a fresh palate if I can and may update the review at that time as needed.



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