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  • Little Book Chapter 5 - "The Invitation" Review

    I have had a tipple or two already so I know it a little bit, but I surely haven't sat down for a proper I love that this is the Booker's line really experimental branch and I think this blend definitely follows Woah, big barbecue brown sugar notes now; this almost has that savory characteristic that Booker's Country This blend - like many other blends I've tried - gets a little overwhelming to experience at times because Rating: 4/5 Going through this whiskey feels a little out of order at times; things don't build or subside

  • Little Book Chapter 6 "To the Finish" Flash Review and Ranking

    I knew I wanted to get into this fun new blend from the Booker's experimental division right away. Oh wow, after it opens up a little bit the young oak really starts to show up. With a little resting the nose returns to a malty caramel. Faint maple spice dances. For some extra perspective to the other Little Book releases, I'd probably put this somewhere on-par

  • Booker’s Head to Head - Little Book Chapter 1 through 4

    Booker's Little Book Chapter 01 "The Easy" Company on Label: James B. Little Book Chapter 02 "Noe Simple Task" Company on Label: James B. Little Book Chapter 03 "The Road Home" Company on Label: James B. Little Book Chapter 04 "Lessons Honored" Company on Label: James B. A little too spicy at times is my only complaint.

  • Found North Batch 002 Cask Strength Canadian Whisky Review

    I've been looking forward to this one for some time, given the founders are fellow New England locals I took this with me up to Maine and reviewed it at one of my favorite places on Earth. That bright and shiny citrus Pinesol note I absolutely adore when I find it (see: Willett FE Rye, Little Book Chapter 2) but it is faint and balanced here, not the driving note. I would have expected a little more heat outside of the first sip of the day which is always a bit of

  • Booker's 2022-03 "Kentucky Tea Batch" Bourbon Review

    It's time for a fresh Booker's batch review! As you can imagine, Dad loved the flavor of bourbon, especially his Booker’s Bourbon. Since Booker’s is over 100 proof, the flavor still pulls through when added to water. I've also done reviews on all the Little Book releases. Those can be hit or miss too with Chapter 6 being a distinct flub in my book.

  • Found North Batch 003 Cask Strength Canadian Rye Whisky Review

    I recall a (fairly old) review of Little Book Chapter 2 where I was amazed by some of the flavors coming There's just a hint of sweet bubblegum hiding out if you really look for it. I'm looking forward to exploring more from Found North soon!

  • Boone County Single Barrel Wheated Bourbon Review

    We are still rocking the wheated bourbon theme with this Boone County single barrel. This is a great brand I definitely recommend you take a look into. Very late in the glass things took a turn for the best on the nose... I know I don't presently do fractional scores, but this would easily earn a 4.5 in my book, for what Looking forward to trying that barrel too.

  • Booker's 2021-03 Bardstown Batch Bourbon Review

    I'm always excited for a new Booker's batch! I'm playing a little bit of catch up as I was away on a little hunting trip earlier this week. Towards the end of the pour I start to experience a little bit of proof imbalance which is surprising Rating: 4/5 Another solid Booker's batch with this one!

  • Booker’s 2020-01 Granny’s Batch Bourbon Review

    I've reviewed Granny's Batch in a short flash review before, but thought it was owed a little deeper As I mentioned in my previous post, Granny's Batch was the batch that really got me hooked on Booker's getting any of the Beam peanut shell that Granny's Batch is notorious for and why I fell in love with Booker's I'm going to lean on an old trick and hold a little bit of this in my mouth for as long as I can bear I am actually really interested to see if a little blending experiment between Granny's Batch (the peanut

  • Booker's 2016-05 "Off Your Rocker" Bourbon Review

    Playing a little catch up for Day 8 and 9 of the #12DaysofWhiskeyExchange that @bourbondipity_ put together I have always loved Booker's from the start, so I have high hopes this is one of my new favorite batches Oooh, turning really nutty now, which I love in Booker's releases. One of the mellower batches on the nose; little to no proof is apparent. Palate: The first sip is raisin forward with little explosions of earl gray tea and some hefty oak.

  • Booker's 2017-02 Blue Knights Batch Bourbon Review

    I decided to finally get this open and think about some interesting lives other than my own for a little All throughout after a little oxidation is infinite layers of sweet crème brûlée.

  • Booker’s 2019-03 Country Ham Bourbon Review

    When I look at a new Booker's batch, I usually use this one as my reference point to determine if a new This to me is the wonderful presentation of all the flavors I think Booker's can be and does well. My acute senses are starting to get a little overloaded by this proof, but I am definitely left with Along with the cherry sweetness there is definitely a bit of maple syrup, but sprinkled with a little

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