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Peerless Small Batch Bourbon Review

Another day, another mountain conquered! Rewarded myself with another stashed sample upon returning. This time the very unique @kentuckypeerless small batch bourbon is due for review; let’s see what’s in the glass.


Company on Label: Peerless Distilling

Whiskey Type: Bourbon

Mash Bill Percentages: Undisclosed

Proof: 110.1°

Age: 4 years

Further identification: The bottle states this is NCF; I likely purchased this some time in 2020


Nose: Sweet nuttiness on the first greeting. Backdrop of smooth lemon frosting. Vanilla extract with a slight sting on the nose. Dusty, nice older oak is present. Chocolate covered peanuts is so enjoyable to smell. Cherry is more hot than sweet, perhaps mixed with a bit of dry cinnamon stick. Nice dry stack of fresh printer paper is coming through now. Citrus zest and spice bridge the gap between the paper note and a fresh tobacco funk that is fairly impressive. Definitely very laced with spice and caramel throughout. While this has a few notes of things I would attribute to other brands (nutty profile of Beam or the paper note of Heaven Hill), this is altogether something very unique. Someone who is a fan of tobacco flavors would certainly adore nosing this for a long time.

Palate: Explosive cinnamon and oak. Nuttiness is strangely tied into the cherry flavor... an unlikely pairing. Citrus zest and rye spice rise quickly through the mouth, followed by a drying old oak. A touch of leather, but predominantly that funky, fresh/moist tobacco profile continues to shine. Orange peel zested into a spicy herb sauce floats around the palate long after a sip. This one drinks better and better towards the end of the glass as the proof mellows out into citrusy goodness. If this is the bourbon... I'm very interested to see how spicy/zesty the rye might be!


Rating: 3/5



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